About US

Cuppa Cuppa is the latest coffee bar addition to the Long Beach area‚ nestled in the historical landmark building in downtown Long Beach.

Our company is dedicated to finding the highest quality and most responsibly grown beans available. Cuppa Cuppa is a contemporary‚ relaxed café bar founded with the grounding belief that better beans make for better coffee. We are absolutely certain that our customers will be able to taste the difference in our third wave coffee. We welcome you to join in our modern‚ rustic café or relax on the outside patio and enjoy a well–deserved coffee break. Get ready to unwind with the finest brew in town!

About us
About us

Our Barista Promise

If you’re looking for authentic “barista–style” coffee‚ Cuppa Cuppa is the perfect place for you. All baristas are well trained to operate the coffee machines and prepare the perfect cup of customized coffee for you. Whether you like your brew mild or strong‚ heavy or light‚ we have the expertise to get the proportions right every single time.

Once you taste our premium coffees‚ prepared from the highest quality beans‚ you will never feel the same way about coffee! Walk into Cuppa Cuppa early in the morning to kick start your day with the perfect cup of coffee or drop by for an afternoon buzz to get you through the day.

At Cuppa Cuppa‚ we are dedicated to offering the best quality coffee and our Baristas work hard to ensure that they meet the expectations of their loyal customers. We use different kind of brewing methods including Aeropress‚ Pourover‚ Syphon and Chemex to produce the most aromatic and flavorful coffee. Hence it comes as no surprise that we have every customer coming back to us for another cup of coffee soon after their first visit!

All about Our Coffee

We welcome you to coffee lovers’ paradise and look forward to serving you the best cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted. Whatever your taste preferences‚ we have the perfect coffee ready for you at Cuppa Cuppa. We offer a range of different coffees including:

  • Espresso
  • Black coffee
  • Latte
  • Filtered coffee
  • Fresh brews and a lot more

In addition to coffee we also brew the finest tea.

We understand that each customer has a distinctive taste in coffee and it is our endeavor to ensure that we meet the expectations of everyone who walks into our unique cafe bar. We are passionate about our coffee and what we do. At Cuppa Cuppa‚ you can sit back‚ relax and enjoy the brewing aroma in the cafe while chatting with a friend or reading a book; and we all know that coffee has several health benefits when consumed in appropriate quantities. So what are you waiting for? Visit us at Cuppa Cuppa and get the coffee party started!

About us